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A wide range of modified and unmodified epoxy resins are available with different viscosity levels. No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Bio-Epoxy is BPA free and unlike other resins and sap blends it's not derived from petoleum. It's going to be hard to compete with epoxy resin in terms of adhesion for porous materials to various substrates. Our resin can be made from waste bi-products from the bio-fuel industry, making ours a truly “green” resin. , Organic, Inorganic, Bio-chemical, Analytical Table Bar Top Pour On Resin. Thermoset Resin. Not all products are listed. New bio foaming epoxy. I’ve had about equal experience using both Entropy Resin Super Sap One and Resin Research BIO epoxy resins. g. values improved considerably at silica You searched for: bio resin! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. Their epoxy resin is bio-based and VOC free. These epoxy adhesives and coatings can be purchased here! EcoPoxy is an epoxy company like you’ve never seen before. China Epoxy Resin manufacturers - Select 2019 high quality Epoxy Resin products in best price from certified Chinese Plastic Products manufacturers, Plastic Sheet suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China. A bio-based epoxy resin (denoted TEIA) with high epoxy value (1. Continuing its leadership in the development of sustainable epoxy resin systems, Sicomin has launched its new bio foaming epoxy, PB 360 GS, the fifth product in the GreenPoxy® offering, making Sicomin’s one of the largest ranges of bio-based epoxies on the market. Techniglue 12 hour cure gel adhesive for marine, furniture, hobbies, woodturning and a million other uses. Therefore, it has been the subject of much research worldwide to develop safer epoxy resins and curing agents from bio‐based, sustainable alternative sources. 39%. Bio Casting Epoxy Resin is a solvent free, water clear, low viscosity resin system for casting, embedding and resin river table applications. Wessex Resins & Adhesives is delighted to announce the launch of a new online store to facilitate ordering the unique range of bio-based epoxy: ENTROPY RESINS. BIO-GARD 255. SuperSap reduces greenhouse gas emissions and harmful byproducts by replacing some of the petroleum-based components with bio-based renewable materials and waste byproducts of other bio-refining processes. High build epoxy coating for application above or below water. His largest project, probably a record setter in poured epoxy projects, was a 34 ft by 34 ft (1156 squ feet) recording studio floor. ECOXY sets out to overcome these issues by involving the European bio-based industry in developing innovative bio-based epoxy resins and fibre reinforcements in developing innovative bio-based epoxy resins and fibre reinforcements. Change Climate Bio Epoxy. s. A glycidylation reaction was employed for  Jan 9, 2014 Ashland is a global leader in unsaturated polyester resins and epoxy vinyl ester resins. This resin contains at least 20% rapidly renewable material. Phix Doctor 24 oz 2:1 Super SAP Bio-Based Epoxy Surfboard Resin. Our product production, and epoxy surfacing solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential applications are state of the art. . Thus, equivalent weight (EEW) ¼ 188 g/eq], epoxidized iso- mixing of different bio-based epoxy resin can help to sorbide Denacol GSR100 (EEW ¼ 155 g/eq), epoxi- enhance the properties of coating and can become dized isosorbide Denacol GSR102 (EEW ¼ 158 g/eq. We offer an array of epoxy resin systems that will work for a wide range of projects and applications. toughness of brittle epoxy resin is increased by adding elas-. The bio-silica was dispersed throughout the different epoxy-amine systems via a solvent-free method. The word "resin" has been applied in the modern world to nearly any component of a liquid that will set into a hard lacquer or enamel-like finish. Lichens have been shown to deteriorate polyester resins, as can be seen in archaeological sites in the Roman city of Baelo Claudia Spain. Designed for DIY'ers, our Clear Epoxy Resin is a sustainable alternative to retail epoxy kits. A bio-based bisphenolic analogue, bisguaiacol (BG), was synthesized via electrophilic aromatic condensation of vanillyl alcohol and guaiacol, from which diglycidyl ether of BG (DGEBG) was prepared. On the whole almost anything which is completely dry and inert (i. 00 EcoPoxy is driven to maximize the bio-content of its products, and minimize or eliminate petroleum content and lower epoxy’s carbon footprint. EPOXY RESINS Fiberglass Supply has been supplying quality epoxy resins, coatings, and adhesives to discriminating craftsmen for over thirty years. From the trained lab rats at Eversoul Resin Industries comes a new micro-brewed epoxy resin system. Vista,Ca, 92081. This approach is to dismantle (by  Change Climate Bio Epoxy. The Moon is a lot of fun! It can be ridden very short and has a wide tail for high-speed in small surf. BIO-CHIME 390. The ratio of bio-oil to epoxy groupls will be determined through OH titration. Sicomin’s GreenPoxy 28 is aimed specifically at the HP-RTM molding processes used for both high-performance automotive structural parts and aesthetic interior carbon fiber components. Pebeo Gedeo Bio-Based Resins are made of two components — resin and hardener — and produce a bubble-free, non-yellowing finish that's transparent, glossy, and solid. for vinylester and less for polyester resins). The EU online store has been added to the current North American website entropyresins. Different bio-oil based phenolic epoxy resins will be synthesized by reacting a commerical epoxy resin with bio-oil. Huntman Advanced Materials Portfolio . This system is adapted for hand lay up of glass fibre, carbon, aramid and polyester. Clear Bar & Table Top Epoxy Resin For Coating Wood Tabletops Epox-It 80 is a multi-purpose high gloss clear epoxy resin. For these reasons, the bio-sourcing of epoxy polymers received a great deal of attention. Getting cells in resin art projects is the ultimate goal for many artists. com The benefits of using VOC (odour) free, non-toxic bio-epoxy resin, made from renewable resources, instead of BPA based epoxy resins and one of the world’s most Only Olin can say that we’re the No. This resin can be used in conjunction with standard epoxy resins to bring additional flexibility and longer pot life to coatings without adversely affecting chemical and water resistance. Can be used for both high performance structural parts and aesthetic carbon fibre components. An example is nail polish. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET West System Inc. In addition, over 90% of plastics are derived from virgin fossil feedstocks, equivalent to ~ 6% of global oil consumption. This paper discusses the usability of a common epoxy resin that has been blended with commercially available wood pyrolysis bio-oil. I don't see différences. This review covers recent advances in the utilization of renewable resources to produce industrially viable bio‐based epoxy resins and epoxy resin curing agents. High mechanical properties. The compatibility of bio-oil-based epoxy resin with non-bio-oil-based resin (GDGB) helped to achieve homogeneity of the final Consider using Bio Vee Seal as a concrete pre-treatment step prior to applying this floor epoxy. An example use may be within a swimming pool wall tiling system. e. Epoxy Resin. Drop us a line! Get directions Resin Research 2000CE BIO Epoxy with FAST Hardener. Fast cycle, low toxicity, third generation bio-based formulation. Fibre reinforced thermoset composites (FRTCs) are attractive materials for high demanding sectors, such as automotive or constructions, due to their lightweight and excellent mechanical properties. Bio- based epoxy clearly shows enhancement with the help of  Change Climate Bio Epoxy is a revolution in bio resins. 92 Pa s, 258C) was synthesized from itaconic acid and its chemical structure was confirmed by 1H NMR and 13C NMR spectroscopy.  Pumps are also available for 2-litre and 8-litre packs. We manufacture high bio-content epoxies as sustainable answers our customers use to create, build and beautify the world around them. But work is being done to solve that problem. ’ This is an oily substance that works to repel the resin… Read more » Those epoxy resins translate into negative environmental impacts and questions about the long-term sustainability of the industry. You wil be able choose the size or wood (walnut, hazelnut, elm, olive, juniper and cedar) and epoxy color. Full Article. A bio-based epoxy resin, triglycidyl ether of resveratrol (TGER), was synthesized based on the renewable resveratrol deriving from tannins. The Surf Clear EVO is suitable for hand lay up of glass, carbon, aramid, natural and synthetic fibres. Description. Bio content in this system is 31% on the resin side and 21% mixed. High Performance, Ultra Clear Super Sap is Partially  If this item is out of stock, please contact us via email to pre-order. entropy supersap epoxy bio resin bioresin super sap sustainable eco green epoxy. Comes with a spout that could easily squeeze and inject the resin. A mold of size 200 x l 00 x 3. These epoxy adhesives and coatings can be purchased here! High bio-based content epoxy system designed for composites, coating, and adhesive applications. Epoxy resins are thermosetting polymers and known for their high quality performance in various industrial applications for corrosion protection, thermal stability, mechanical strength, moisture resistivity, adhesion, etc. We have good resin in Europe but Always like RR 2000 fast, give me consistant résults and seabase France is a good supplier. We’ve all seen cool resin pendants at jewelry shops, boutiques, and on fashionistas everywhere. Oct 1, 2011 High hurdles remain, but the push for sustainable sources of resin monomers is In the thermoset bio-resins market today, two drivers push . • Successfully characterized epoxy resin’s properties showing high Tg, Entropy Supersap BIO Clear (CLR) Epoxy Resin. Elastomeric protective coating / sealant. Why Use Clear Casting Super Sap® Epoxy Resin? Super Sap formulations, as opposed to traditional epoxies that are composed primarily of petroleum-based materials, contain renewable, biobased materials sourced as co-products or from the waste streams of other industrial processes, such as bio-fuels and wood pulp production. Excellent wetting out properties resulting in a low resin consumption. Not only is “Super Sap” resin is sustainable but you can apply without fumes so there is no need to wear a respirator. A two minute intro to Entropy's Super Sap and Surf Sap products, as applied to surfboard production. com offers 955 bio resin products. BIO-FILL 456. The Resin Research 2000CE is the industry standard for surfboard building epoxies. Mar 29, 2019 Starch ether was chemically modified by self-prepared bio-based epoxy resin. By itself, ArtResin is a water-clear formula that is used to coat paintings, photos, wood, puzzles, etc. Made with renewable biological resources (organic vegetable waste) and A bio-based epoxy monomer was synthesized by acrylation of epoxidized castor oil (ECO). alternative to existing epoxy fiberglass resins. Designed for versatility, they can be used in a wide range of applications from laminating fiber-reinforced composites to thin film coatings. When the curing conditions The results showed that the cured epoxy exhibited a glass transition temperature (T g) of 164°C and its flexural strength and modulus were as high as 70 and 2200 MPa, respectively. Sicomin (Marseille, France), supplier of eco-resins, has launched a new bio-based epoxy resin aimed at high Alibaba. Read the full article in the January/February issue of CM. The bio-sourcing of epoxy polymers could thus have the double positive effect of Bisphenol A replacement and renewable and non-harmful epoxy monomers is a hot topic and a challenge that needs to be addressed. Google define epoxy resin as: epoxy ɪˈpɒksi,ɛˈpɒksi/ noun noun: epoxy resin an adhesive, plastic, or other material made from a class of synthetic thermosetting polymers containing epoxide groups. com or call 603-435-7199 to order or for terms 'water' refer to distilled water, 'epoxy' to System 2000 epoxy resin, and 'bio-epoxy' to Super Sap 100/ l 000 bio-based epoxy resin. The purpose of the research was to develop an innovative bio-epoxy resin based on the fatty acids of hempseed oil. In response to customer demand, we supply easy-to-use formulated resin systems and back them with technical service to make sure our products work the way you need them to. Surf Clear EVO is compatible with all commercial foams: polystyrene, polyurethane, cross-linked & linear PVC foams and others. The worlds highest bio content premium epoxy. and bisphenol A glycidyl ether (DGEBA) were MAS FLAG Low Visosity Epoxy Resin. We create and develop Eco-friendly epoxy resins and coatings. Advantages Conclusion • Developing method to obtain a bio-based epoxy resin derived from eugenol and lignin. Download Greenlight's Resin Amounts per Board Length Chart HERE. In the last chapter, Chapter 7, synthesis and characterization of a novel bio-oil-based self-curing epoxy resin was presented. Through rigorous research and development, we are proud to offer natural bio-based epoxies that are socially responsible. Can be used on internal and external walls and floors, and is Catas-tested for colour durability in external applications. My supplier, seabase, do his one packaging for RR resin, there is now a bio content logo. CM Interviews recently spoke with Moffit about the dynamics of that market, and how the industry can better position itself for growth. It was found that the resulting bio-oil-based epoxy resin could be cured without using a curing agent. So what’s better than epoxy resin? Bio-based resin, the ecological alternative. com and will support the existing network of The global epoxy resin market size was valued at $6,826 million in 2015, and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 6. 2% to reach $10,264 million by 2022. Certain "casting resins" and synthetic resins (such as epoxy resin) have also been given the name "resin. Advantages. In this Phase 1 SBIR proposal, Vuronyx Technologies will develop biobased isosorbide epoxy precursors as replacement to Bisphenol-A epoxy precursors used currently in "can coatings" for food and beverages. So exactly how do you get cells in resin? Option 1 Add a ‘repellant. See the links below. Science Bio Solid Epoxy Top Lab Tables. ONE is a SUPER SAP® Formulation. to synthesize a bio-based epoxy resin. latifolia) Bark Pei-Yu Kuo Doctor of Philosophy Faculty of Forestry University of Toronto 2016 Abstract Deriving chemicals from renewable feedstock has become a necessity to reduce dependency react with eugenol epoxy. Greenpoxy is a new generation, environmentally friendly epoxy resin, clear and waterproof epoxy system with over 50% of products molecular structure derived  Aug 4, 2017 Super-Sap is a resin formulated with bio-based materials that reduces the footprint by 50% over conventional all-petroleum-based epoxies. 8wt%, and molecular weight is between 3000-4000. 2:1 Super SAP Bio-Based Epoxy Resin 24 oz. A bio-based epoxy resin made from industrial hemp eliminates the dangerous BPAs, improving the health conditions of manufacturing workers. on UPR, there is one manufacturer that has developed a bio-based epoxy. As new bio-based epoxy resin systems, glycerol polyglycidyl ether (GPE) and sorbitol polyglycidyl ether (SPE) were cured with tannic acid (TA) at various conditions. As the industry's First USDA BioPreferred Certified liquid epoxy resin product, the Entropy High Bio-Based Laminating Epoxy system delivers it all—a high bio-renewable content, green epoxy resin with low sensitizing ingredients for increased user safety. Environmental benefits include bio-based content sources and a reduced carbon footprint. Sicomin bio-based epoxy resin in France receives ECOBOARD gold certification and has a promising future. The Epoxy Resin Store, Lake Elsinore, California. 30 Sicomin GreenPoxy56 Bio Resin. Dont mix much more then this. ECOPOXY Coatings are manufactured by ECOPOXY, a leader in the research and development of high bio content epoxy resins. Whether you’re a large manufacturer or a do-it-yourself-er, we have a epoxy resin that’s right for you. SUPER Sap 100/1000 is a two-part liquid epoxy system designed by Entropy Bio-Resins SUPER SAP® ONE SYSTEM is the industry leader for USDA BioPreferredSM certified, ambient cure, laminating resin systems. Epoxy resin-based adhesives. This new epoxy resin system—EPON™ FlameX Resin 9600 / EPIKURE™ FlameX Curing Agent 9700—enables manufacturers of aircraft components like interior panels, cargo holds, and seats to make fire-safe parts faster, thus reducing cost. MOON description. Our polyaspartic ester resin products are solvent-free, amine-functional Epoxy Reactive Diluents Huntsman offers epoxy formulators a complete line of high-purity, low-viscosity aliphatic or aromatic epoxy reactive diluents for applications such as electronics, protective coatings, metal coatings, adhesives, composites and marine. Other benefits include low odour, ideal viscosity, UV stability with a hard cure. Reactive diluents are used to reduce the viscosity of the base resin based on bisphenol A, F, and in epoxy phenol novolac resins to improve handling and ease of processing in various applications. Epoxy is either any of the basic components or the cured end products of epoxy resins, as well as a colloquial name for the epoxide functional group. He has also led educational sessions at association events to discuss opportunities in the bio-based resin market. Bio Clear 810 Contractor Box - Hire a Pro for your next epoxy pour Ohio based John Martin of Epoxy Concepts has travelled the country pouring Bio Clear 810 epoxy on commercial projects. com This Instructable will address how to polish resin to a high gloss, focusing specifically on how to polish a resin part made from a 3D printer. 451 Bn by 2026 at a CAGR of 15. MSDS #105-13a Last Revised: 26APR13 1. Bio-based epoxy resin toughening with cashew nut shell liquid-derived resin. We offer chemical-resistant epoxy resin lab sinks including: drop-in sinks, undermount sinks, and ADA compliant sinks. I haven’t tried it yet but I think I’d like to. The system is a 2 part, 100% solids, no VOC epoxy resin/hardener combination. Short version. 5 gal epoxy - fast/winter cure ( use in temps under 45 F) basic no blush/winter cure SHIPPING BY UPS GROUND. Poly vs Epoxy vs Bio. Nov 16, 2018 Bio-Based Epoxy Resin from Epoxidized Soybean Oil. The invention relates to a bio-based phenolic resin and a preparation method thereof, wherein the bio-based phenolic resin is prepared by polymerizing furfuryl diphenolate, furfuryl gallate and furfural, an oxygen content is 19. By combining these products together you get hundreds of high quality systems at affordable competitive costs. The resins were prepared at various temperatures and catalyst amounts to determine an optimal for the yield and epoxy equivalent weight value. vs. CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Bisphenol A based epoxy resin. By Qiuyu Tang, Yahua Chen, Huizhi Gao, Qian Li, Zhenhao Xi, Ling Zhao, Chong Peng and Lanpeng Li. derived bio-based epoxy resin being Global Bio based resin Market was valued US$ 9. Drop us a line! Copyright © 2018 advanced resin systems, epoxy resin, surfboards, epoxy floor - All Rights Reserved  SUPER SAP® CCR Epoxy is a clear modified liquid epoxy resin. It can be used as the sole curing agent or blended with other epoxies for heat cured systems. This work outlines the synthesis and characterization of a green epoxy resin derived from bark extractives. We offer epoxy resin and related products. 2 mm3 and a low-pres­ sure injection molding technique, similar to the resin transfer molding method, 32 was used to make the test specimens. Super Sap Bio-Resin is manufactured by Entropy Resins®, a global pioneering epoxy formulator. Let it cool down before use! bio clear 810 pour on table top bar top epoxy user reviews comments As a professional woodworker, I was recently contracted to make a 14 foot curling table for a customer. The bio-resin PFA was firstly synthesized through polycondensation reaction of furfuryl alcohol as a bio-monomer and maleic anhydride as a catalyst. The Absolute Best Epoxy Resin System for Surfboards now with 30% BIO based chemistry from vegetables! Bio-Epoxy Resin. Common two-part epoxy resin systems contain epoxy resin, catalysts/curing agents, and diluents and/or other additives. Slow hardener mix ratio: 100:48 (resin:hardener) grams. Pablo Ortiz, a,b, * Martijn Wiekamp, a,b Richard Vendamme, a,b and Walter Eevers a,c In the transition from petrol to bio-based chemicals, the total utilization of the components from biomass during the biorefinery process can be regarded as the key to its success. Epoxy resins are a class of advanced thermosetting resins that include a wide variety of crosslinking polymers, including unsaturated polyester resins, phenol-formaldehyde resins and amino resins. T. Resin Research epoxies with bio content are are one of our newer products. The structure of the vanillin-based epoxy resin was confirmed by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) analysis. The process to turn these raw materials into epoxy resin, glass fiber, or carbon fiber all have relatively high carbon footprints, too. ” Here is another worthy New York Times article We do not manufacture basic epoxy resin. Sicomin, a leading supplier of specialist epoxy systems, will present GreenPoxy, its range of bio-based epoxy resins, at the upcoming JEC World exhibition that takes place in Paris from 8-10 March. Highly filled grout for fairing surfaces above or below water. Epox-It 80 is used for coating bar tops, tabletops, coating countertops, encapsulation, resin art, resin painting, fiberglass laminating, casting clear models, prototypes, jewelry, figurines, etc. Oddly enough bio resins have been around for several decades and have gone pretty much unnoticed except by those few people unable to tolerate the smell of commonly used petroleum-based resins or the random experimental hippie. Coated tablets are found resistant to gastric pH and release drug at intestinal ph. Low odor and easy to use, they're also more respectful of the environment and safer for artists. An innovative rail carriage door leaf developed by TRB Lightweight Structures, which was the winner of Composites UK’s Environmental / Sustainability Award for 2018, utilises a bio-resin prepreg supplied by Composites Evolution. Like to learn more about the new range of resins we carry, epoxies, Epoxy acrylic , eco friendly resins and Entropy Super Sap Bio Epoxy Resin BRT kits. EASY TO USE - Different from AB epoxy resin that needs to mix and takes long curing time, our UV resin are ready to use and can instantly cure hard in minutes with UV light or sunlight. 7-28. This resin is designed for solid surface applications. The 2000CE is UV Stable and has has been optically brightened to make the board appear whiter. Epoxy resins, also known as polyepoxides, are a class of reactive prepolymers and polymers which contain epoxide groups. Epoxy resin is known in the marine industry for its incredible toughness and bonding strength. 1-4. 2 Bio-epoxy Resin Matrix The matrix to manufacture the bio-composite is a modified liquid epoxy resin (Super Sap CLR epoxy) and a hardener of two speeds: Super Sap INF (fast and slow). Specifically, the bio-oil was blended with epoxy resin at weight ratios ranging from 2:1 to 1:5 and were then cured. You searched for: bio resin! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. Solid Epoxy Resin Top Lab Tables are completely impervious to most chemicals, acids, normal laboratory heat and moisture, showing no effects when subjected to the following chemicals: Hydrochloric Acid 20%, Sulfuric Acid 60%, Methyl Alcohol, Nitric Acid 70%, Benzene, Toluene and many more. Epoxy Additives Improving handling and performance for your specific applications. About 5% of these are acrylic jewelry, 5% are polymer, and 5% are other plastic raw materials. Epoxy resin is a relatively new trend in the surfboard industry as traditionally they have been treated with polyester resin; however, Tesla and other manufacturers are now turning to a plant based epoxy for added strength and durability. And while we know this is something you can do at home, we weren’t totally down with what seemed like a really complicated process. Resin Research Bio Green Tech. A mixture of the bio-based epoxy resin 1 g and starch ether with 1wt%, 3wt%, and 5wt% were taken in the sample glass bottle for 60min sonication and after stirring for 30-45mins. 2 and MR 6, respectively. Printed in USA. " Vanillyl alcohol, a lignin derived aromatic diol, is a potential platform chemical for the production of renewable epoxy thermosets. Prices for epoxy resin wood tables and epoxy resin wall art start at $800. Modern epoxy resin river coffee tables are for sale and live edge epoxy resin river tables made from walnut slabs are for sale. Speciality Epoxy Resins High-functionality epoxy phenol novolac (EPN) and epoxy cresol novolac (ECN) resins will improve the thermal and chemical resistance of standard bisphenol-A and bisphenol-F epoxy resins. Tarun Chand Vagvala, Shyam Sudhir Pandey, Yuhei Ogomi, Tingly Ma, Shuzi Hayase. Green Materials 2015, 3 (3) , 80-92. Regular Kinetix Eco-X R135 Epoxy Laminating Resin. IR - Epoxy Resins Curing Agents & Additives - Bio-Rad Sadtler Product Code - 436300 Spectra - 690 Technique - IR Description This comprehensive collection of 690 FT-IR spectra contains raw materials used in the production of thermoset materials, such as Buy an epoxy resin river table or piece of wall art from CVCF and we will make it just the way you want. This certification applies to Sicomin’s green epoxy resin, and their products now consist of five resin systems. Cardolite NC-547 is a polyglycidyl ether epoxy novolac resin derived from cardanol. Figure 2-7: Failure modes of GFRP tension coupons: (a) epoxy-GFRP coupons, (b) QuaCorr1300 bio-resin GFRP coupons, and (c) QuaCorr1001 bio-resin GFRP coupons 19 Figure 2-8: Variation of ultimate tensile strength of GFRP coupons with dosage of catalyst Bio-based epoxy fire-resistant formulations. Canning of foods and beverages in tin-plated steel or aluminum is extensively used for food preservation and storage because of low material and productions costs and durability of the This paper demonstrates that by introducing controlled quantities of a flexible bio-based epoxy resin (NC-514) to a rigid bio-based epoxy resin (DGEDP-Me), mixture compositions can be identified that result in both important reduction in the epoxy resin viscosity and toughening of the corresponding cured epoxy material. Our chemically-engineered resin system has been developed specifically to meet the needs of the surfboard/SUP manufacturing community. Sicomin GreenPoxy56 Bio Resin. CCR is a SUPER SAP® Formulation. Stir well for 2min with your hand, scrape the edges. Painting, photograph, wood or puzzle, ArtResin is formulated by artists who understand what you want: safe and easy application for crystal clear pro results! Recycling and Bio-Based Epoxy Systems; What makes Epoxy Resin versatile? The term "epoxy", "epoxy resin", or "epoxide" (Europe), α-epoxy, 1,2-epoxy etc. Epoxy resin begins as a liquid, but hardens with time, giving a solid finish in clear or a variety of colors. About 9% of these are adhesives & sealants. COM FOR 15 GALLON UNIT PRICING OR FOR OTHER SHIPPING OPTIONS. With all of the advantages to this DGEB A/F Epoxy Resin, Polyoxyalkyleneamine, and silica sand blend, the uses have multiplied over into the electronics industry and flooring. Bio based (4) Epoxy (92) Fire Protection (8) epoxy system used mainly for flooring applications Fast Curing structural epoxy resin system Product details. SRGreenpoxy 33 is the result of the latest innovations in bio-based chemistry. ATL Epoxy Systems. Epoxy resins with different concentration of water-insoluble heavy fraction were synthesized. New generation, environmentally enhanced, clear and waterproof epoxy system with A high performance bio epoxy resin which has over 35% of its molecular  alternative to existing epoxy fiberglass resins. Our products are available through an extensive network  Jun 2, 2010 I've been researching bio resins for use in the bamboo frames and discovering a whole beautiful world of people making resins out of things  bio-composite system. Resin Epoxy Resins & Related Items Resin Research Bio-Clear. UV stable, clear (very clear), safe, quick, strong and easy to use, this is by far the greenest and safest epoxy resin available today. MAS Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin is a blend of standard low molecular weight epoxy resin. In addition, over 90% of plastics are derived from virgin fossil feedstocks, equivalent to ~6% of global oil consumption. COOE with our research partners have developed an epoxy resin made from renewable resources. more environmental technology is appearing in the form of a new epoxy resin system specially made for board sports products. Some companies continue to use petroleum-based resin, but due to an increase in prices, are limiting the amount of petroleum they use. Our epoxy resins have Manufract: 'Self-healing' salvaged wood furniture made whole with bio-resin Inspired by the self-healing properties of trees and their resin, this line of furniture uses bio-resin to fill in Hey Leslie, So I guess what you are looking for would be something protein or peptide based. Goto: Everything Epoxy Table Top Bar Top Epoxy Order the Bio Clear 810 epoxy at www. We will advise the lead time accordingly (estimated 2-3 weeks depending on availability). Resin Research 2000 BIO-CE XB Epoxy Resin and Hardener from the new BIO-SCIENCE range. Surf Clear Evo Bio resin kit SURF CLEAR EVO is specially formulated for the manufacturing of wind-surf boards and surf boards. It is considered among many as the finest Epoxy Resin on the market but also regarded as one of the most expensive. With an in-house laboratory, their chemists are working towards a 100% bio-based epoxy. Recycling Bio-polymers from renewables: Although the early urgency that motivated bio-polymers’ developmental progress, particularly from abundant agricultural resources such as corn, has been mitigated by unusually low prices in the crude oil market, resin suppliers still offer bio-sourced resins for composites and new suppliers have entered the market since CW last covered this subject. You can use a variety of materials to add color to epoxy resin, however each material has advantages and disadvantages you will want to be aware of. A Greener Alternative to Conventional Epoxies. is Wessex Resins & Adhesives is delighted to announce the launch of a new online store to facilitate ordering the unique range of bio-based epoxy: ENTROPY RESINS. Whether you want to make a glow in the dark table top or a glow ring, this article discuss in depth the proper products with tips, application instructions & videos to make your cast a breeze. Mechanical Testing – Extensive experiences in composite testing-tensile, compression, shear, fatigue, creep, fracture toughness, crashworthiness, residual stress measurement for electronic epoxy encapsulation, acoustic emission testing, fiber-resin interfacial sheer strength. Different amounts of PFA were blended with diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A epoxy resin and cured  The structure of the vanillin-based epoxy resin was confirmed by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) analysis. Epoxy resin systems are used widely in industry because of their strong adhesive properties, chemical resistance and toughness. This is represented by a three-member ring containing an oxygen atom that is New bio-based epoxy resin aimed specifically at HP-RTM processing techniques. Dings happen, and fixing them is never fun. 051 Bn in 2017 and is estimated to reach US$ 28. The structure and properties of TGER have been To investigate the morphology effect of the bio-based polyester diacids, a structural epoxy formulation was used. EMAIL INFO@EPOXYPRODUCTS. A wide variety of bio epoxy resin options are available to you, such as woodworking, construction, and footwear & leather.  250ml, 500ml, 2-litre and 8-litre. Instead, we specialize in modifications of various types of resins to improve handling, improve performance or to craft products for specific customer applications. (F)3 Pint Kit Resin Research Epoxy (F)3 Pint Kit Resin Research 2000CE Epoxy Resin and Fast Hardener. 1680/jgrma. We are the go-to epoxy for woodworkers and your creations. " Some resins when soft are known as  Shaper Supply distributes the full line of Resin Research epoxy resins and additives. Bio-based epoxy resin from itaconic acid and its thermosets cured with anhydride and comonomers. Earth Safe Finishes claims this is an eco-friendly, water based, no VOC, no BPA, no heavy metals, two part epoxy/resin. Bio-composites – composites made from biologically-sourced raw materials – are being developed, and some are available already. A range of bio-oil:epoxy ratios were studied and the effect of an acetone solvent pretreatment on the bio-oil/epoxy resin performance was investigated. This kit contains 2 pints (one quart) resin and 1 pint hardener. Global Bio based resin Market was valued US$ 9. The major drawback of bio-based epoxy resins is their poor mechanical properties preventing them from competing with petroleum based epoxy resins such as DGEBA. BIO-DUR 561. 1 part hardener to 2 parts resin by volume 43 parts hardener to 100 parts resin by weight. Using a circular economy, it is made with renewable biological resources (organic vegetable waste) and cures with a whopping 77% bio content. This is normal for some Resins. Easy to paddle and catch waves due to the high volume under the chest area. A comparison between the main mechanical properties of bio-based resins and of the petroleum-based resin systems, already used in the aeronautical field, is provided. Epoxy resin is corrosion, water, and chemical resistant; and has superior adhesion, thermal stability, durability, and mechanical strength that makes it attractive for the aircraft industry. With this Phix Doctor 24 oz 2:1 Super SAP Bio-Based Epoxy Surfboard Resin you’ll be back in business. A phosphorus-containing epoxy resin has been derived from a renewable resource, sebacic acid (SA), and formulated for flame-retardant applications. ECOBOARD approved. Bio-based Epoxy Resins Market manufacturers are focusing on using renewable resources such as plant oils and starches to develop bio-based epoxy resins and polymers; Manufacturers and researchers are focusing on developing new chemical formulations to increase the mechanical properties of bio-based epoxy resins Bio-based epoxy resins are derived from plants and result in an epoxy that’s safer to make, safer to use, and that carries a much lower carbon footprint than polyester resins or chemical epoxies. These natural properties are being taken advantage of in research and development, with vegetable oil, furan, lignin, rosin,vanillin, and itaconic acid, etc. Part A is the epoxy resin and there are many different types available. Bio-based Epoxy Resins from Biorefinery By-products. Epoxy resin-based adhesives are described by characteristics such as form, classification and open time (minimum). Allowing the ‘in situ’ production of a shaped low-density epoxy foam core, the two-part system with 37% bio-based carbon content is designed to offer good adhesion to a variety of materials and low water absorption. Read more The potential of using phenolic rich fractions of bio-oil derived from the pyrolysis of a sustainable agricultural waste for epoxy resin synthesis was investigated. Kevlar reinforced highly chemical resistant epoxy coating. Bio-Epoxy Resin from Beetle-Infested Lodgepole Pine (Pinus contorta var. They create unique and exciting patterns that make looking at resin art paintings very pleasing and stimulating. It is the most environmentally friendly bio resin developed to date. China Bio Resin manufacturers - Select 2019 high quality Bio Resin products in best price from certified Chinese Resin Filter manufacturers, Resin Belt suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China. This unique epoxy is a USDA BioPreferredTM certified product that replaces petroleum-based carbon with plant-based carbon and contains 25% bio-based material. EcoPoxy products are up to 54% bio based, non-toxic ONE – High Bio-Based Laminating Epoxy. Bio-based epoxies by Entropy Resins are useful for many of our activities and hobbies. We will understand the effect of bio-oil on the process conditions of the epoxy-phenolic resins and develop the reaction mechanisms. Well, turns out it is easier than we thought… but still has more The acetone pretreatment of the bio-oil/epoxy mixture was found to improve the cross-linking potential and substitution rate based on its mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties. ArtResin Epoxy Resin creates a gorgeous, high-gloss, durable finish. summarized in Section9, thus providing useful data that can help the future design of bio-based resins for composites in secondary and interior aviation structures. Bio-based Bio-based Epoxy Resins from Biorefinery By-products In the transition from petrol to bio-based chemicals, the total utilization of the components from biomass during the biorefinery process can be regarded as the key to its success. Bio-Epoxy. Increasing demand from s Sicomin Surf Clear EVO epoxy system is specially formulated for the manufacturing of surf boards. A wide variety of bio resin options are available to you, such as synthetic resin and plastics, pure essential oil, and synthetic fibers. The USGBC awards LEED points through Materials and Resources MR 4. Change Climate Bio Epoxy is also the first bi Our coat-it 1 to 1 epoxy art resin is easy to use, non-toxic, safe to use at home, easy to measure out, quick to set and clear as day! Perfect for artwork and shallow jewellery and touch dry within 4-5 hours, shop your favourite coat-it epoxy resin now. Epoxy resin is a chemical that is part of an epoxy resin system. The ultimate Epoxy Resin. Bio-resins, (not to be confused with ‘Bi-resin’, which is a brand of bio-resin) are all based on natural plant and vegetable extracts or renewable resources. Through our experienced professionals, commitment to continuous innovation and exceptional service, we ensure customer success throughout the epoxy value chain and beyond. Epoxy itself was first used in aerospace facilities back in the 1950s. A high performance bio epoxy resin which has over 35% of its molecular structure deriving from plant origin. We used the FT-IR, TGA, DSC, NMR, and optical microscope to determine the chemical, thermal, and self healing properties. Table Collection Your Table or any other items would be custom made to match your size space and stained to your liking. ), important in various applications. Optimised for fast production cycle times and superior mechanical performance. (unrelated to the resin). The 'almost no yellowing' in this formulated epoxy sets it apart from folks selling raw, clear resin systems purchased in bulk and not specifically formulated for Table Tops and Bar Tops. Then, 4,4′-diaminophenyl methane (DDM) was applied to cure these epoxy resins, and bisphenol A epoxy resin (DGEBA) was used as a control. i. Bio-epoxy resin cured with polyetheramines and bio-silica improved the physical properties as the concentration of the silica mixture increased. Get your board glassed by someone who uses a Bio-based expoxy resin, like “Super Sap” by Entropy Resins. This resin is an unsaturated polyester resin that contributes to LEED points in cast polymer applications. And why are we featuring this today? As it also features a bio-based epoxy resin. coat on top of the krylon make it stone spraypaint BioResin Environmentally Friendly Epoxy Resin The formulation features CTS’s new novolac-based bio-hardener, Novocard™ XFN, which introduces a high level of renewable content to prepregs and increases impact strength by 163 percent, when compared to composite prepregs made with a conventional amine-cured resin and carbon fiber. For over 20 years, MAS Epoxies has supplied boat builders, DIY boat owners, and woodworkers with the highest quality epoxy resin products. In the FormuLITE composite epoxy line, both the resin and the amine hardener are made from high amounts of renewable resources that include Cashew Nutshell Liquid (CNSL), a phenolic material Mitsuhiro Shibata, Naozumi Teramoto, Satoru Yoshihara and Yusuke Itakura, Preparation and properties of biocomposites composed of sorbitol‐based epoxy resin, tung oil‐pyrogallol resin, and wood flour, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 129, 1, (282-288), (2012). Regular price $110. Initially, the bio-epoxy resin produced from in-situ epoxidation of Crude Jatropha Oil (CJO) in presence of ion exchange resins,. Regular Entropy Super Sap Bright Laminating (BRT) Resin. It is recommended if cured at room temperature, to post cure the product at elevated temperature for some time (25degree at 7days or 35 degree at 1day etc. The synthesized epoxy resin was characterized by physicochemical and spectral analysis including Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR), 1 H and 31 P nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopies. April 12th, 2019 | Comments Off on Bio-based epoxy fire-resistant formulations. Hydrocarbon contamination tolerant epoxy coating. Sink outlets and cupsinks are also available. Durcon / Epoxy Resin Handbook / 5 Design Guide • Chemistry Use Area (i. The same methods I will address in this how-to, apply to all cast resin polishing, and can be used to polish virtually any type of resin be it polyester or epoxy based. A sustainable, plant-based, renewable, ethical vegan resin system. Made with renewable biological resources (organic vegetable waste) and a whopping 77% bio content, it is the best most environmentally friendly bio resin ever developed. Wessex Resins & Adhesives Ltd has been formulating and manufacturing epoxy systems since 1981. Composite materials are ideally suited to survive in the punishing marine environment. Low cost. Unlike traditional resins composed primarily of petroleum-based materials, Super Sap formulations contain renewable biofuel materials obtained as co- Many common epoxy resins contain these VOCs, so after careful research, we entered the epoxy resin business using Ecopoxy resin. Bio Vee Seal is listed below. Most of the Entropy Epoxy Resin systems utilize an easy to mix 2:1 ratio (resin to hardener) and come in a variety of systems to match your application. The bio-based formula is an Eco-friendly alternative which utilises renewable resources and reduces the levels of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. Bio-based epoxies by Entropy Resins are useful for many of our activities and hobbies. During this period an increasing variety of epoxy formulations have become available for various applications that include thorough documentation, availability in economical quantities and are well suited to specific applications. The synthesized resin systems yielded thermoset materials with high glass transition temperatures and high moduli, despite having higher biocontent and more uncontrolled, complex chemistry than traditional epoxy resins. The present invention relates to a bio-based thermoset epoxy resin prepared from an epoxy resin precursor which resists degredation copolymerized with an epoxidized vegetable oil precursor. Eco-X R130 is a solvent-free, bio-based epoxy resin that has a reduced carbon footprint, utilises renewable resources and reduces the levels of VOC’s into the atmosphere. Whether you plan to build, maintain or finish a boat or woodworking project, you can count on our products to be strong, simple to use and dependable. " It is common practice to add fillers to resin for a variety of reasons, for example . Bio-Based Epoxy Resin from Epoxidized Soybean Oil. The topcoat is self-leveling and fully cures in 72 hours. Quality epoxy resins stick to other materials with very strong bond (2,000-p. The epoxy Alibaba. 00. of petroleum- based materials, Super Sap® formulations contain bio-renewable materials  Clear Acrylic Shapes · Clear Epoxy Resins · Entropy Bio Super Sap Resins · Entropy Super Sap Bright Laminating Resin BRT · Entropy Super Sap Clear  Products include bioresin in various formats: Neat, granulate and fiber ready to be have comparable performance and processing conditions as epoxy resin. Amberlite . Pond’s bio resin systems are mainly based on starch and designed to replace traditional oil based resins and plastics. High bio-based content epoxy system designed for composites, coating, and adhesive applications. Not all companies are going green by producing new, bio-conscious resins. BIO-DUR 561SW Bio Clear 810 epoxy has an outstanding record with both professional and DIY table and bar top projects. Entropy’s “Super Sap” Epoxy Resin (as with other petroleum based Epoxy resin is certainly one of the best industrial adhesive currently on the market. ) Tip 1: Mix a pot of 200-300mL of epoxy at the time. It is biodegradable, biocompatible, made from 100% bio based content, non-toxic in nature. 00019. The Federal government designates Styrene as “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen. If any chrystals are present in the Resin, please make a warm water bath (40C+ should do, in production the resin is heated to 100 degrees so no worries) and place the Resin container in the warm water and stir til chrystals are gone. This is a true breakthrough in epoxy technology. com offers 123 bio epoxy resin products. Vacuum Bagging Materials All the products needed for resin infusion such as vacuum pots, resin lines, vacuum bags, peel ply, sealant tape, resin flow mesh, and omega flow channels. epoxyusa. But taking good care of your board means it will ride better and last longer. To achieve this, many companies use a mix of new and recycled material in products such as bottles and plastic packaging tubes. Increasing demand from sector such as aerospace, wind energy, packaging and paints and coatings is the primary growth driver for bio based resin market. Diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A (DGEBA) is one of the most common resins used and is also written as bisphenol A based epoxy resin. 15. com and will support the existing network of Description. Epi means “upon” while the prefix oxy means sharp or acidic. Entropy Resins are made using a plant-based epoxy called "Super Sap" instead of petroleum based products. Versatile & Easy To Use 2-Part Epoxy Resin & Hardener Systems Great For A Variety Of Projects. Regular price $69. Bio degradation. Entropy Resins’ coating and laminating epoxies are SUPER SAP® Formulations. BAER ™ XP9500 is a highly functional, bio-based aliphatic liquid epoxy resin designed for baked coatings, powder coatings, adhesives and composites. After intense research and development, Earth Safe Finishes has just released a brand new product called EcoPOXY. Bio-based epoxy resins are made from plant-based carbon in place of petroleum-based carbon. Super Sap has excellent adhesion to any type of wood so it's ideal for surfboard building, Super Sap is a High  Super Sap bio-resin epoxy system Art And Hobby, Epoxy Coating, Craft Materials Super Sap Bio-Resin with Fast Hardener - Professional Epoxy Coatings. Polyester resin offers the following advantages: Adequate resistance to water and variety of chemicals. Buy epoxy from the product selection on Entropy Resins; get back to what Entropy BRT Optically Brightened Laminating Epoxy Resin High bio-based content epoxy system designed for composites, coating, and adhesive applications. Epoxy Composites. The formulations used were heat-curable and contained 66% of pre-reacted material, 25% high-molecular-weight Bisphenol A epoxy (Epikote©1001), 7% phenolic Novolac resin and a catalyst. This chemistry is based on a glycerine/epoxidized oil component and is a Project 21/2000 resin and is cured with Project 21 hardeners. alcohol as a bio-monomer and maleic anhydride as a catalyst. Ecopoxy has an expansive product line that meets the needs of woodworkers as well as many other maker genres. Adequate resistance to weathering and ageing. Change Climate Bio Epoxy (CCBE) A revolution in bio resins. Formulations based on MAS Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin are typically cured at room temperatures using MAS hardener in a 2:1 mix ratio, resin: hardener. 635 Thin Epoxy Resin System Our 635 Resin System is a high quality resin which is popular for lamination with fiberglass, carbon fiber, kevlar or any type of reinforcement. Lignin-based epoxy resins derived from de-polymerized Kraft/organosolv lignins were blended with a conventional bisphenol A (BPA)-based epoxy resin at various percentages to prepare bio-based epoxy systems as polymer matrices for manufacturing of fiber-reinforced plastics (FRPs) and coatings. Hexion has invented a new epoxy solution with FST properties built right into the molecular structure of the resin, without the need for additives. For the first time, HTL-bio-oil was utilized as an alternative to bisphenol-A (BPA) in epoxy synthesis. Entropy Resin: Entropy Epoxy Resins Entropy Resins are a system of bio-based epoxy resins designed for use in composite applications that are certified USDA BioPreferred. This project proposes to develop an innovative bio-epoxy resin based on the fatty acids of hempseed oil. After doing some research, I came across your Bio-Clear 810 epoxy product and chose it for the price and the eccentric web site. Bioresin samples In recent attempts to create more eco-conscious plastics, bioresins have emerged as the new, successful alternative to traditional polyurethane  EcoPoxy creates natural resins/bio-based epoxies that are socially responsible. Earth Safe This easy guide explains how to make glow in the dark resin epoxy with photo luminescent powder. Kerakoll Fugalite Bio is a water-based hypo-allergenic resin for waterproof, stain-proof, silk-effect grouting of porcelain tiles, natural stones and glass mosaic. Other types of epoxy resin can also be mixed in as a blend and other components added to give the required properties. Super Sap has excellent adhesion to any type of wood so it's ideal for surfboard building, Super Sap is a High Performance Epoxy Resin with high bio content for a reduced carbon footprint. Sicomin has already received the eco-board project, a gold-grade qualification certificate for bio-based epoxy resins. This makes it a sustainable Equipped with industry leading UV stability, this clear epoxy resin enhances the ability of the modified resin. Regular  In polymer chemistry and materials science, resin is a solid or highly viscous substance of plant . 1 global manufacturer and distributor of epoxy products. The door leaf is a sandwich construction consisting of carbon fibre- In this paper, a series of bio-based epoxy resins containing organic silicone were prepared from eugenol through a mild synthetic route. 3,350 likes · 108 talking about this. The epoxy resin and other resin systems we offer, use the widest range of the latest and best technologies and materials. The bio resins have comparable performance and processing conditions as epoxy resin. The process involved in the creation of resin is exact, as improperly mixing the two 1. Super Sap Bio-Resin with Fast Hardener - Professional Epoxy Coatings Water-clear, low-viscosity epoxy for casting, embedding and high-build coating of jewelry, sculptures, and more. As opposed to the previous section on bio-based epoxy resins that was organized by source, the following section on bio-based epoxy curing agents will be organized based on type of curing agent. only 500-p. Rapid Cure Epoxy Adhesive 5 to 7 minute cure. Different amounts of PFA were blended with diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A epoxy resin and cured by diethylenetriamine as a hardener, which simultaneously cross-linked both of the epoxy and PFA resins. Change Climate Bio Epoxy is a revolution in bio resins. Chunky or ultra fine glitter, pigment, mica powder and chameleon art products. Epoxy resins are typically created using bisphenol A (BPA), an endocrine disrupting chemical. Epoxy Systems and Phenolic Resins for Marine Composites. Resin Glitter Colours for creating beautiful abstract art, geode art and all craft projects. FormuLITE amine-cured epoxy systems are specially designed for composite manufacturers that want a ready-to-use, high performance bio-based resin matrix. Advanced Resin Systems . 1. Have you always wanted to try a resin project, but don’t know where to start? I have more than enough ideas! Check out my favorite 15 tutorials for working with resin! Epoxy resin is a type of plastic that begins in two parts that you combine to create a single substance. Super Sap CCR, Casting Clear Resin, is a low viscosity resin system designed specifically for casting, embedding and coating applications. By Qiuyu Tang, Yahua Chen, Huizhi Gao, Qian Li, Zhenhao Xi, Ling Zhao, Chong Peng  Jun 18, 2018 Fast pyrolysis bio-oil was used to replace phenol up to 50 wt% to synthesize bionovolac resin. This indicated that a wholly bio-based epoxy resin possessing high performance was successfully obtained. The self-prepared bio-based epoxy resin was mixed firstly, with the calculated amount of triethylenetetramine TETA considered as a standard. Clear laminate. The word Epoxy can be traced back to two Greek prefixes “epi” and “oxy”. The company developed its first bio-based resin under  Advanced Resin Systems. © 2010 Durcon Incorporated. Antonella Tarzia, a Jeanette Montanaro, a Michele Casiello, b Cosimo Annese, b Angelo Nacci, b and Alfonso Maffezzoli c,* Entropy’s Bio Epoxy Resins do not use Styrene. to reduce cost; to alter the strength, weight or appearance of the cast; to make the resin more workable either before or after hardening. Designed specifically for creative projects, this crystal clear resin is easy to use. What makes the bio resin systems unique from other resins is its biodegradability and the fact that it is made from natural sources. refers to a broad group of reactive compounds that are characterized by the presence of an oxirane or epoxy ring. The major drawback of bio- based  Other Bio-resins are also being developed by companies like 'Vernique Bio-tech', which has used vegetable starch's in a similar way to produce bio-resins using  SUPER Sap 100/1000 is a two-part liquid epoxy system designed by Entropy Bio -Resins SUPER SAP® ONE SYSTEM is the industry leader for USDA  Aug 30, 2017 This project proposes to develop an innovative bio-epoxy resin based on the fatty acids of hempseed oil. DOI: 10. 16) and low viscosity (0. Synthesis, Curing, and Properties of an Epoxy Resin Derived from Gallic Acid. Songqi Ma , Xiaoqing Liu *, Yanhua Jiang , Zhaobin Tang , Chuanzhi Zhang and Jin Zhu * Ningbo Key Laboratory of Polymer Materials, Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo, Zhejiang, PR China. What are Eco-resins? ‘Eco-resins’ are a broad, generic group of polymer resins that all have one thing in common; they are non-toxic, renewable or solvent-free (water-based). The remainder of this article will review the most recent advances in the development of curing agents from renewable resources. Owing to these above advantages we have used bio epoxy resin for coating on aspirin table and tested its performance at various conditions. The formulation features CTS’s new novolac-based bio-hardener, Novocard™ XFN, which introduces a high level of renewable content to prepregs and increases impact strength by 163 percent, when compared to composite prepregs made with a conventional amine-cured resin and carbon fiber. You can rest assured that however we may laminate or fill a piece of furniture, we’ve gone the extra step to give you the highest quality products available. bio resin epoxy

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