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Our rig here has the 158" Ford wheelbase. -It sounds like your acquaintance is a good sailor who knows his boat. I've read that Junk rigs are easy to reef and there are some similarities to the balanced lug. southern part of North Sea) ,and other parts of the world, what are the weather limit applicable before the drilling contractor/warranty surveyor allows the JU rig be towed?? For example what is the significant wave ht, period and wind speed allowable? In SEA it is often 1. what i mean by this . Update, sorta, got the gas caps, gonna take 1 over to friends shop, and see if they are the same. Ive been a lot of talk and no boat on this forum so far, purchased plans for the Note: if you contact Robin Blain at Sunbird marine, he can provide you an information pack (£25) that details many articles on the subject. I've just had my first test sail using a 100 sq ft cambered junk sail on my 24' Wa'apa. Never turn your nose up at entry level deals. Share with: Selling this without a warning and not teaching the sells desk techs to ask key questions is not right, it's just bad business. a mast without shrouds or stays, supported only on the step at the keelson and the partners) however standing rigging of some kind is not uncommon. But the guitar amp's tweeter will probably have a much narrower coverage angle than the proposed S1 or even the current PA speakers, so whilst the bass rig will spread the sound out fairly well on its own, the guitar sound could be fairly directional and not have the We recently connected with Overland Bound Member #0833, Isaac Marchionna about his mega loaded up overland rig that he uses every day as his daily driver in Downtown Portland. 2 Mitsubishi air This site offers all the local junk yards near you contact information you're looking for, a few clicks away. A Google search for “junk rig” will yield many examples to get an idea of what we are working with. Some might wonder why the question is even being asked. 1 post / 0 new . Did not get to spend as much time talking to him as we would have liked. Because of this rig I tend to wander off further and further, making the GPS and a map even more essential. Join the GeForce community. Len Enough said, the whole scope could be made in Japan and I would have zero worries, china makes junk no matter what they do. practical  25 Nov 2014 David Harding lines up near-identical boats equipped with bermudan rig and junk rig to find out how each handles under sail. Should make War Rig somewhat useful again and will rebuild 1 of each legendary tanks to see difference. Browse the user profile and get inspired. Pete wanted to build again - a 38 ft junk-rigged catamaran, 'China Moon' - which he designed. jimdo. Amiina has Edward’s latest version of the split junk rig, and Emmelène is using his previous version. On the gusty days we were able to depower the rig easily. Perhaps it should be a good example to follow for the rebirth of the Polynesian Catamaran Association. now lay chunks on paper towel /newspaper eggs down,skin up to dry. at this point that there is an excellent Group/Forum for Junk Rig folks  3 Aug 2014 Videos from the JRA forum thread http://junkrigassociation. sprinkle,coat skin w borax and flip over to clean pptowel and let dry another 6 to 8 hrs Sailing Dory Designs - Introduction. if you have a old fridge that's great but ive done this on table in garage also. just any thing you can think of in the line of model big rig truck accessories. "Spreading the ideas of freedom loving people on matters regarding high finance, politics, constructionist Constitution, and mental masturbation of all types" A New Look At MoneyThe U. . improving speed to windward and manageability, decreasing costs, improving longevity. 11 Jun 2019 Ken junk sailing vietnam 02 lug and Junk rigs: storerboatplans. I'm building my sail from plans for a 78 square foot junk rig sail found on Duckworks magazine website which is about the same square footage as the Sunfish sail. RIG is the second worst underwater driller by most metrics, including debt yield. IDO » Community » Forums » Fishing Forums » General Discussion Forum » Ariens junk/stamped mower decks. Henry AR7 Survival Rifle, junk or blank canvas? (Survival Cache review posted here as we cant cross forum link. I will venture one comment however. We had one really cool tool called a 'Rondi-Gage'. But if you're set on a junk rig, keel-stepped it is. Browse categories, post your questions, or just chat with other members. For more information, please have a look at my web page on the Chinese Junk Rig. on the OzRacers, the BETH sailing canoe and the Goat Island Skiff. Admittedly the camera is overkill for event photography. folks make the mistake of scrimping on the holster / carry belt / chest rig when ya gotta have something that works reliably in adverse conditions. Considered converting Tehani to a junk rig, but that would have ruined accommodations, so we went sloop instead I certainly wouldn't hesitate to go with a junk rig on a boat that it would work on. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. At least you know to replace the PSU. who are advance in adding IK rig and StrikeMaster 50V lithium battery is JUNK, owners look here! 2 Outdoor Gear Forum - Minnkota Terrova acting up all New In-Depth Outdoors TV episodes return The rig in the pictures is my second attempt using a better battle belt and harness. It depends what you want. ★★★Ron Wood Faces Guitar Rig - Home Invasion Survival Forum. * This post was edited 09/16/19 09:20pm by ron. Sun, 02/09/2014 - 00:58 #1. I may locate an NP208 like I ran in my last rig, although I have flanges for my drivelines that are for an Atlas case, so I may just spend the coin and go that route as it will be worth it in the long run. The Junk Rig Association (see links, below) now has active fora, as well. I have to give credit to Mike Mulcahy and his Duckworks article, and to Arne Kverneland of the Yahoo Junk Rig forum for inspiration. Not really the martial art star could wrap his arms on the colossus. Heat treat- Love this video. J'adore les lignes ce ce petit Corribée et je trouve que son gréement de junk rig lui sied à merveille. Shop Groups Forum. 5 diesel is a complete piece of junk. Asking opinions on what is best here will net you a very narrow spectrum of overviews. Hey Pudding, Interesting junk there! That A110 is a hottee! On the US site there is a photo of future models, you know anything about the large 2wd model in the photo. One of the options I am looking at is a mast made from a fibreglass flagpole. A Chinese junk with its rig splayed out on a run. The first time out was to zero the scope and plink at relatively large plates at I've taken my Vudoo V-22 out 3 times now to shoot targets in the desert. g. I had a couple lead test targets for calibrating in the field but lost them on my last Western expedition. An open community of people who follow the primal/paleo lifestyle. Was it junk fishing or versatility Bass Fishing Forum > Another fish on a punch rig after he missed a frog. Re: junk rig general discussion Originally Posted by 3Psuite Just to put the cat among the pigeons! and maybe have the item moved to a new thread (please if it distracts from this discussion). J. So I got signal link, brand new and IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!tried many times to get it adjusted and does not work, it's a peace of trash!!!my mfj 1275 out preforms those signal links. No advertising, no back door deals. Results 1 to 7 of 7 Junk Rig for Shunting Pacific Proa??? Junk Rig Sailing. 5 m, 10 sec and 20 knots. In its most traditional form the junk rig is carried on an unstayed mast (i. There must be some, but I've never seen one myself. Before starting a new topic, please check for an existing one on the same theme - if there is, it may be best to restart it. 7 Summilux lens. Thread starter WHOOWEE that Marlin guide gun looks nice in the back of your rig! Reactions This forum is in no way associated with OM . cities, counties, and zip codes on our site: City-data. bean surchwell, Dec 6, 2010, in forum: Sailboats. B. For Nearly any Hull Type: The Junk Rig Along with the Gaff Rig, the Chinese Junk Rig has much to offer in terms of simplicity, ease of use, and also in terms of safety, in particular for the long range voyager. Back then it was run as a bruising Class 8 truck and was the featured star of ABC’s coverage of the 1987 Baja 1,000 Jobs done Servicing / Maintenance of Drilling, Fishing & Milling Tools (Hole Openers, Stabilizers, Spears, Crossovers, HE Jars, Mills etc. The government modification facility I worked at for 30 years used the three point method to CG our modified aircraft after any significant modification. Another Western worm rig that made inroads to the rest of the country is the California rig, which is a happy marriage between a spinnerbait and a 12-inch plastic worm. So I am taking my 87 suburban and doin some upgrades. This means that the forces generating leeway are greatly reduced. kyoa. Junk is a boat, Junk Rig is, well, the traditional rig of a Junk boat. Hopefully this may help others wishing to do a similar project. Check out junk-hoes's art on DeviantArt. I am in favor of Junk rigs due to their ease of handling as well as efficiency. You wont have the comfort of the new rigs but you can fix it yourself and its tuffer than nails. The “Advance” Spider developed by Cavins Oil Well Tools is considered to be the pioneer in power slips. Official Harbor Freight tools for your rig thread. The items you see in the pictures are the exact items you will receive Call or Text John With any Questions Note: if you contact Robin Blain at Sunbird marine, he can provide you an information pack (£25) that details many articles on the subject. Grab the mobile version below. I was looking for a rig for my BMPC 4k, I ordered a kit for the camera. So Bruce, look carefully at the BULWARKS (the short walls that go around the deck), the APRON (the six layers of 3/4 marine plywood that sit right on top of the keel, and runs most of the length of the boat, that forms the structural pivot of the boat connecting the keel below to the frames of the hull, i. We began to lower the rig instead of reefing. The rig shown on this boat is a 'Swing Wing' rig, which is not foil shaped. Once again, it's at about 680w total power. Read forum rules before you participate. The results of using a Carolina Rig are quite The first posts you make on the forum will be moderated. I have had my 218 DLV Elite for three years, and I have been pleased with it. Can it really goes to windward well? I have never came across a junk rig in my part of the woods so it is a complete mystery to me. junk rig on smaller tiki. 3) Significantly shorter mast than a bermuda rig. take your 1:1 rig off a 10 foot jump and see what happens . 357 and a Ross Rig within the Ruger Single Action forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; My latest SA Ruger. The JRA (Junk Rig Association), formed in 1980, aims to further the development of the junk rig and to create an international community of people interested in such rigs to share experience and ideas. Not today but enjoy this picture of my work rig. If a junk rigged boat was going sideways then it was probably being sailed badly. 3549 user(s) visited this forum in the past 24 hours The most users ever online at once was 70 member(s) and 304 guest(s) at 07:08 PM Nov 2, 2014 Forum Information The problem is your soundcard. Register User Forum List Calendar Active the correct way to rig a herring behind a spin and glow is. each "FLOOR" (2x cross piece forming bottom of each frame) is bolted with 1/2 " bolts I've often wondered why you don't see more Freedoms converted to junk rig. It is free and quick. It's styled like a traditional Leica M rangefinder and brings a host of updates to the hugely popular original Leica Q (Typ 116) that was launched in 2015. The rig contrasts starkly with the Bermuda rig which is prevalent on modern production boats. You're also getting a lower end motherboard compared to what you have. com [de] A Kingfisher 20' JR - the only 20' boat of which one model was designed and produced with a junk rig. Re: BUILD YOUR OWN WATER WELL DRILLING RIG CHEAP? We've formed a partnership & bought a farm. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has ruled in favor of the American Council of the Blind. Sometimes, if the monitor mix is truly junk, I'll run signal from everybody into the Passport and use its monitor function to create an impromptu monitor mix for our drummer. Threads 13,654 Posts 109,372 Members 16,659. Some of the flagpoles I have come across can apparently take up to 100mph of wind with the flag in place. If you haven't seen it already, the junk rig association has a for sale section dedicated to junk rig boats and parts for sale. ken88 Senior Member. Open Roads Forum: Print but the fact remains that the GM 6. Funny story about the rig. Started out with a extra cab, I bought for $100 and built from the ground up. Jobs done Servicing / Maintenance of Drilling, Fishing & Milling Tools (Hole Openers, Stabilizers, Spears, Crossovers, HE Jars, Mills etc. In an earlier life, the truck you are looking at won the 1987 SCORE Baja 500. > amp like my Rig 1 4212 was before you fixed me up. I am looking at the options for the mast. Not me, as a dedicated junk fisherman, I just can't do that. Fishing Classifieds No Commercial sales without permission. Junk Rig Calculation Tools. Blogs 2 Entries 7 Last 24 Hours 0. And w/o looking, I just wanna say, any rig under $700 is gonna be JUNK for what you'd like to use it for, unless you can trash it in 1 yr and buy a brand new better model here. Aug 09, 2012 Brian Lohnes 2. We met a guy refurbishing a wooden trawler in Kilybegs, Ireland last year who was going to use a junk rig. This diagram of our rig visualizes the load distribution. I had a Charter Arms AR-7 and it was junk. Further information on Junk Rig at The JRA and The junkrig forum. Easier to thread the leather in and out between molle panels to hold the leather pick holder. -Just for the record, a Junk rig is a type of a standing lug rig (vs a dipping lug) and is not a gaff rig. A year later I joined Trevor Robertson aboard his 35ft 'Iron Bark'. Rather than a whimsy about the renowned junk rig, I was inspired to ponder about the quantity of junk a yacht can accumulate after a few years of ownership. Survival Food & Emergency Food Storage. There are at least 2 threads talking about this topic. Since that first post, a number of people have commented how they like, or are fascinated with this rig, including myself. In a December article, I noted that the market had already downgraded the Company's debt. I think the condition would be greatly improved if it was built on the Ford 176" wheel base. When you sell us your Junk car, our national network of towers will come to your vehicle's location, pay you cash in hand and tow the vehicle free of charge to our local junkyard or auto salvage yard for environmentally safe auto recycling. was based in rural Georgia and was confronted by a succession of corrupt local sheriffs - Elroy P. My 67 is in the body shop right now getting a makeover white with adraitic blue SS stripes. S. I have it set up so the rig's caster wheels float a couple The Chinese junk rig sail is what really grabbed me though so I'm going to give it a try. Guitar Rig would not work properly. Yes, Resistorman, that's a good point; though in some long, narrow venues, you might be OK if the amp is up fairly high. As for my screename, I used to have mildly built Grand Prix GTP a few years ago and L67 was the code for the drivetrain so I just used that as a forum name and it kinda stuck. 15 ph-#701 peterbilt 379x hood & grille name badges, junk yard resin over runs; After a couple of years he let go this rig and bought brand new IC-706 (first model)used this rig to work RS satellite and 2 meter SSB During this time he also used second hand TS-440s, TS-830S this was a good rig at that timevery quite. This is a discussion on OM . Work in progress, send comments and/or suggestions here. The junk rig association has a for sale section as well as many links and a forum. Also looking for a tow vehicle for a 5th wheel and boat. A Junk . For sale is a brand new SBC Innovators West 7” Harmonic Damper with Flying Magnets. Available in a wide assortment of styles, level of difficulty, and designs, there is the ideal toy model available for everyone. Fishing Reports. We had a bilge keeler with a draft less than 3' and a tabernacle that would have allowed one to get at the bottom or the top without a railway, lift, or crane. During July 2015, the Hydroptère sailed 2215 nautical miles from Los Angeles to Honolulu and docked in Kewalo Harbor. com for everyday low prices and message us in the vendor forum for expert advise. I I've been using a MFJ 1275 with no problems and everyone in our radio club hates MFJ products. I have the original one from back in 1995-96, and I still love it to this day. discuss matters to do with improving the junk and related rigs, e. To promote and encourage Junk Rig Sailing. On this forum a link was recently posted to SimpleSailor. expedition style is what im shooting for and I also daily drive this. This approach addresses one of the junk rig's greatest shortcomings: poor drive to windward in light winds. IMO Back in flation is the ONLY way to go, no matter who the manufacturer is. You will find one of them ("Mimpi") in Greifswald Germany. ) says this rig was developed in the Golden State, but it also works wonders on big bass wherever they live. uk [en] Kingfisher Yacht Owners Association. Hello If you are interested in the junk rigs, the Junk Rig Association has made a big step in creating an active web site with public pages. However I'm pretty sure the pure junk rigs he designed & built were stayed as well, but I'm 1300km from my library ATM. My member profile has an album that sets out the modifications but essentially I drew a Van Loan type sail of close to the original area and placed the junk C of E over the original cutter rig C of E. I have plenty of weight capacity and plenty of leg room. The You are visiting the legacy Cakewalk forums Please be aware that these forums are read-only, but thanks to the many valuable contributions of this amazing community over the years, the forums will remain in place as a vital information resource for legacy Cakewalk products. Hauling my junk around. Some research of note: In looking at the balanced lug rig, it seems to share the following advantages with the junk rig: 1) Easy to make. Superior control is the greatest advantage of the Junk Rig. In new rigs, a label with the OCCC info is inside the rig, usually in a drawer or cabinet door. Iam done, Leupold isnt American made it is American assembled, at least if something is going to be parted out of the US go with the Japs, both our Hondas have over 200,000 miles and still run like a dream hello and welcome to my site here you will find alot of items cabs,trailers,add on accessories. Lobo (who was later given his own series, Lob A young guy's only option to erase a really bad debt is to rig the Special Olympics by posing as a contestant. It may be a bit smaller on me than back then , but it is still my favorite BC I have ever worn. I will share my mistakes and things I have learnt along the way. I believe the mast placement is about right, and the rig is already free-standing I guess the answer lies in how many people would even consider a junk rig in the first place, which is not many Junk Rig - Current Research which appears to be the most popular forum for discussion of the junk rig The Junk Rig Association (see links, below) now has active fora, as well Many people interested in junk rig research are members of both groups Totally depends on the rig. (just fer grins) On another nigger riggin theme, Friday I was mowin with the new kboter, and bush hog finishin mower, and one of them damn little chinese 4" tires that inhabit each corner, blew the rim in half. I very nearly went with the setup like I suggested for you with the X399 chipset and TR1920x and probably would have made the jump of it weren’t for the fact that the particular RAM I have doesn’t like AMD and the rig is 95% gaming use and I just happened to get a good enough deal that it made my stick with my tried and true team blue it Truck Toy Models and Kits. E-mail: gemanmbr2abx08xab. It is way harder than a two line slab reef to put in and can really be pretty wild during that period that the halyard is slacked and the reef has yet to be tied in as the yard is whipping wildly overhead. If you want a rig thats tuff and turns heads than a 66-77 Early Bronco the only way to go. 141 likes. The glide is good, plenty of room behind the seat for storage. The occasion was an impromptu messabout sponsored by the SCUZBUMS (Southern California Small Boat Messabout Society). Having sailed both lug and gaffs, gaff rigs are actually easier to single-hand but not by much. Forum software by XenForo My first build years ago I ordered from a specialty shop, ordered over the phone and had it built. 42 Videos from the JRA forum thread http://junkrigassociation. It is attached either at the very top of the mast, or in fractional rigs between Intelligent Materials Forum (Mitō Kagaku Gijutsu Kyōkai): SPIE. Which is best – Bermudan rig vs junk rig? The answer, of course, is neither. Through years of experience and testing, many improvements have been made which make the Cavins “Advance” Spider the leader for a safe, economical, and trouble-free handling of tubular goods. For a long time we have offered the best page on the net to assist setup of small boat lugsails. Go to the hardware forum. This is the main reason I dont use gold test targets! Im ready to make a new set. Unlike other fore and aft sail rigs, the junk rig boom is only partially responsible for controlling the angle sail and the forces are not as great so, it does not need to be as strong. I didn't click, but the descrip from the post shows no SSD, so you lose performance there also. Post your rig pics to the rig showcase so we can all check out your awesome builds! Don't forget to subscribe and please like/follow us on social media! Both major credit agencies have placed RIG on credit watch, the waiting room for a formal downgrade to junk. The bait's ready to go. Expect dividend cuts or suspension even 360 Tuna is the #1 Sports Fishing Forum to discuss the world’s best saltwater and freshwater fishing including reviews, DIY, marketplace and more. I plugged away at tech for those legendary units off and on so am personally glad that all that time/reso/thor not perhaps been wasted now. e. Hugh Harville of Harville Lures (Henderson, Tenn. I don't freeze it at all. Upside of Junk Rigs. Do not expect a sales rep to provide accurate info on this. Great woods carry rigs. Welcome to our newest member, DayFive. And the last but most important fish. Over $68,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum. I learned how to build by replacing parts piece by piece, after a year all that was left was the case. so look around i am sure you will find some-thing. Shown with a South African Ross Rig with Concho's. Those $50 HB specials are junk. Plans are 1 ton axles, custom suspension with the ability to tow heavy loads and be soft, Bumpers and racks, and double transfer or atlas transfer, some interior mods for custom storage. My goals in doing the original design work are very similar to what led Annie and Pete Hill to choose our 34' Sailing Dory design to build their voyager, Badger. I don''t know if you have ever actually reefed a fully battened lug rig (junk rig) but there is nothing easy about it. farm forum. 11lg@gmail. I can provide one example of what's possible beyond v-blocks. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. It looks  There is also the Junk Rig association with a discussion forum on the internet. The junk rig is a simple and effective rig. One should think that, in over a thousand years of development they should have the respect they deserve! But, the Junk rig is just now gaining acceptance in the western world! Full batten sails make a lot of sense, they are easy to reef and very efficient. It is every nerd's wet dream. Roger Taylor, Ming Ming's owner is a member. Rig Of The Week (ROTW) sign up and schedule. some is junk, some is gold. Here's the parts list: Dana 44 Waggy front with rodeo 4:10 gears, sua Dana 44 rodeo rear RS44044 springs Astro box ORD kit 3" body lift Will be running 33" Alabama Rig Manifesto: how to make an Alabama Rig The most amazing thing about the ever popular Alabama Rig, or A-rig as we shall call it, is the fact that. It should perhaps be pointed out that ‘western’ applications of junk rig have, to date, been The boom is the lowest batten on a junk sail. cut skeins lengthwise in 1 1/2" strips. I'll try to cover all the bases here Bill - It was covered, but that it is the 40" Commercial deck. Heat treat- I'll try to cover all the bases here Bill - It was covered, but that it is the 40" Commercial deck. Forty years ago, I worked in a car axle plant. I would definitely buy more for various guns. Note: The calculator does not (and most likely won't) support older Internet Explorer browsers. McCay was a good-looking young trucker who traveled around the country in his big red & white rig, with a single companion - his pet chimp, Bear. Jay Benford has some pretty innovative sailing dory designs that fit this bill quite well. Also there is a Yahoo Junk rig forum which does have a lot of information on it, however due to way it The real deal. Search this forum only. A lot of work ahead of us. But if you are a member of the industry and want to try, and are not too obvious about it, this is the forum for you. I've sailed on a few and handling , is so much easier it's is amazing. discuss matters of general interest to Junk Rig sailors; request advice on choosing and using a junk rig, etc. How To Texas Rig Tube Baits. On a sailing vessel, a forestay, sometimes just called a stay, is a piece of standing rigging which keeps a mast from falling backwards. Just an option to consider if you want I am new to ttora, but have been wheeling yodas for 7 years or so. 'Soft wingsails' have their own forum. Detailed information about all U. Rael Dobkins from Balkan Shipyards has a new proa rig - a clever Chinese lug or junk designed for shunting. My ideas are just based on airplane wing studies, folks writing about hinged junk sails, and experience with the Hasler junk rig. The plastic tracks on the center hatch are junk, and the front hatch takes some getting used to, but it's a good size. They kept saying " GET A SIGNAL LINK, GET A SIGNAL LINK, GET A SIGNAL LINK, they'll work better than that junk MFJ. So I tried to press fit all of the connectors for the side pieces edge to edge (except for one length) so I measured the inside overlap of each and determined I needed to cut a ton of ¾ inch pieces. As one early Western proponent, a British cruiser named Brian Platt, who sailed from Hong Kong to California under junk rig in the late 1950s, once wrote: "Nobody could have designed the Chinese Sail, if […] To bring the topic back to junk rigs, I am considering converting my 21ft boat to a junk rig. It is sharp at the leading edge. Is the chinese junk rig worth considering? A lot has been said about the efficiency and simplicity of this rig and sailplan. I hate yard In the North Sea (say. The junk rig or "Chinese lug rig" is easy to handle, very easy to reef, easy and inexpensive to build, easy to rig, has no complex hardware, requires no winches, is easy to maintain, involves very low rigging stresses, provides a low center of effort so requires less beam or depth of keel Recently, there was a post of a Junk Rigged boat in the UglyBoat Admiration Society thread. The cards average ~100w each and everything else uses another ~50w. Gaming Rig Basics: Post Reply It will also serve as a tribute for the hard work that MalveauX has put into this forum and community. ^ Bo Streiffert; Dag Pike; Loris Goring (September  Brion Toss Rigging (Including Spar talk, the Brion Toss Rigging Forum); BSG The Chinese Sail (Previously unpublished 1960 article on the junk rig by Brian  Multihull forum established 2001 with members worldwide and discussion including self-build and production catamarans & trimarans. After all, Bermudan rigs outnumber junks by at least 1,000 to 1. Useable from horseback or ATV / UTV or tractor. For a while I thought there might be some interesting innovations using carbon fibre masts To my knowledge, Carolina Skiff only does a pre rig for factory gauges, but the dealer rigs the engine and steering controls. Over the years we have been slowly and carefully developing the balance lug rigs we use. on the recieve side there 3 or 4 different measurements Updated pic of my rig. Recently investment grade, RIG is now junk reflecting heightened risk. discuss building a junk-rigged boat, converting to junk rig, or renovating an existing junk rig or junk-rigged boat; share sources of materials and There are two books worth reading if you are interested in the rig, these are Practical Junk Rig by Blondie Hasler and Jock McCleod and Junk Rig by Derek Van Loan. 9 based on 56 Reviews "My first visit to BRR was enlightening. WARCRC so I just made a lexan tonnue cover to hide all the junk and It looked good IMO. This article is an edited version of the information about junk rig which I contributed to the topic ‘Information about junk rig’ (mainly about my early experience with Cavatina) in the ‘Technical’ section of the forum in Oct/Nov 2012. I am pretty sure he was saying that a junk rig does not work as well as a mainsail or sloop -due to rigging, aspect, and . Many people interested in junk rig research are members of both groups. I also use the dual outs of the Fast Track and Ableton Live to run a click to the drummer and myself. Additional giveaways are planned. Display results as threads; Junk in the Trunk. It ended up being more like a junk-yard mecha than a junk mecha I guess. get the rig for a substantial discount you might be alright And below is the SR1911 in it’s Guide’s Choice chest rig. 14 Aug 2008 The Junk rig certainly makes a lot of sense for a lot of people who sail. Unfortunately the floor plan could not accommodate it. ) Assist Welder in dressing Junk Mills, Assist Jar Tech in servicing & Testing Jars, Preparing equipment's for load out to Rig, check all back load equipment's from Rig, maintain & update inventory, Assist The assignment to design a 'rig' suggests that you inspect a lot of shafts, which means you could and probably should be looking at a fair amount of automation. Junkrig Group which appears to be the most popular forum for discussion of the junk rig. or join the Junk Rig Association (JRA), you can do this through the internet, then you can access their extensive library for free (good website advice forum too!) New sprayer made from junk discussion in the Ford 9N, 2N, 8N forum at Yesterday it is made from junk. I attended the annual general meeting in New Zealand, and I recommended that the JRA invest in some quality graphics and video to help explain the junk rig to interested parties. Enjoyable for people both young and old, truck toy kits build skills and fuel creativity. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. The first time out was to zero the scope and plink at relatively large plates at The Leica Q2 is an impressively capable fixed-lens, full-frame camera with a 47MP sensor and a sharp, stabilized 28mm F1. Truth be told, of course, no sailor who is very interested in performance is likely to take a junk rig very seriously. My current party and event rig Fall 2018, NikonD850 and AF-S Nikkor 16-35mm f/4G, with Adorama Flashpoint_evolv200 and remote flash head and round head, mounted on a ProMediaGear BBX Boomerang flash bracket. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. The trigger for these particular thoughts was the purchase of a new car. Assuming you want a quick-to-build, economical, and ocean capable junk-rigged sailboat with comfortable live-aboard accomodations, I'd like to turn your attention to the Benford Design Group. This will help us greatly - DIY water well drilling rig. And for all the other people out there having trouble with the EZ system, this is probably the key contributor. Telling the truth, I generally have a Ned rig in the boat and I have had a few days when the Ned was the go to rig. TLCA TLCA- Discussion Forum TLCA- Sanctioned Events TLCA- Toyota Trails. We always pay top dollar and can usually remove your junk car that same day if you call before 5PM local The web version of this game was not designed to work on phones. Ron Wood Faces Guitar Rig In May 2009, Jackie Chan celebrated the Shanghai opening of his sushi chain, G Sushi, by revealing our planet's largest sushi roll. 🐇🐇🐇 The Junk rig, also known as the Chinese lugsail and Sampan rig, is a type of sail rig in which rigid members, called battens, span the full width of the sail and extend the sail forward of the mast. What advantages and disadvantages does a Junk Rig Bring. It's time for me to stop lurking and show off my junk. The Simplicity 14 plans come with 3 rigs which includes a gunter rig and the junk rig, right. Are there any Junks out there ? Id love to see a build. The Voodoo Lab PP 2+ is definitely a better product, but a OneSpot can work in certain applications. Sailboat and sailing yacht searchable database with more than 8,000 sailboats from around the world including sailboat photos and drawings. You can put product announcements or discuss what is cool about the latest product you are shilling, this is the place for you. Visit CarParts. Greetings, Here's what I'm running at the moment: View attachment 33149 I haven't had a chance to clean up any of the cabling yet (including some of the older cables I'm not actively using now), so I'm sure it will eventually look at least a little cleaner. Poser OhDurka Durka Durka. The junk rig reduces stress on all components of the rig from the hull up and including the crew and should be sailed pretty free. If I use it with my Mark III, it's hiss central. 2) Low stress on the sail. com We've got the largest selection of direct fit parts for your Ford Expedition maintenance and repair needs. I got to speak briefly with Brian Farmer in Sydney a few years ago. Share. 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu Junk rig 101 Doing the Junk Jive! I should add at this point that there is an excellent Group/Forum for Junk Rig folks on Yahoo Groups which has excellent He has some odd, original ideas that I don't quite follow. Plantronics Rig 500 Pro Headset Review: Solid Looks, Mixed Performance Both Plantronics Rig 500 Pro models (Esports and HX) feature great microphones, but the gaming audio quality isn't what it Abandonment and sale. Please use this Junk Rig Association forum to: discuss matters of general interest to Junk Rig sailors; request advice on choosing and using  We've a growing number of members racing junk-rigged boats, so we've launched a new forum in which you're invited to record your racing dreams, plans and  I would not say a junk rig is inferior to a lug on a cat. OM Blackhawk in . As such, I think it's time for Junk Rigs to have a thread of it's own, so here we go Attached is my current favorite junk rigged I HAVE ALWAYS been very attracted to junk rigs, first, I suppose, because they seem so very strange and archaic. Gulf Shores Pier Fishing Forum Statistics. John Welsford's Swaggie might be a boat that could introduce you to the art of boat building and the use of the junk rig. Maybe 10-12knots of breeze. They shipped mine with 6 screws, and when I asked for another one, they responded that it needs 6 screws to be built properly. I understand the principles  On the other hand I don't like the look of a classical, traditional western hull designed for gaff or bermuda that has had a junk rig added. My people carrier I've been using a MFJ 1275 with no problems and everyone in our radio club hates MFJ products. Even though now new rig comes with DSP but he still keep his old junk running on Valve!!! sounds more warm Hi I'm new to the DIY comp thing, tho i did replace my acid leaking motherboard a few yrs ago which is pretty much building a comp from scratch i figure. ça correspondrait presque à ce que je recherche avec 2/3 métres en plus. you're not going to catch any junk on there or get hung up. org/general_forum/ 1453485 requesting video footage of members boats. How would such a rig work on a modern hull or should it be avoided like the plague? We discovered the junk rig in joining rallies of the Junk Rig Association 12 years ago. Anyway I'm primarily interested in home theater & gaming, budget is tight (around $700 since I'm also getting an hdtv to connect my pc to, hence the interest in building a rig). I will not be able to use the t-case from the pickup as it is a driver side drop, so I will need to locate another. here are the thoughts of one of the contributors "My experience with the junk rig (or gaff rigs for that matter) suggests that there is nothing particulaly easy about sailing them, and they add nothing to the ease of single handed sailing, reefing and they are a high wear rig in terms of chafe. Base Radios Yaesu FTDX 1200 CAT to WSJT-X Isuues When joining HamRadioForum you will get a confirmation email which you need to respond to. I think that Native Instruments did a great disservice to its customers by not making it VERY clear that without a high-end soundcard. Oh, and not to mention my 5 1060 and 2 1070 rig running just fine on an 850w PSU. Brainerd, Aitkin, McGregor Area Fishing Reports - Hunting - Events; Existing user? Sign In Sign In Let's exploreRotationABILITY™ for challenging Tubular / Completion Deployment Applications Benoit Deschamps Global Applications Engineering Director at Rubicon Oilfield International As a typical discuss matters to do with improving the junk and related rigs, e. Today’s CCF pick is a sweet rig setup for any event! Classifieds. Weight of an empty reefer rig Discussion in ' THis press in junk is a 700$ ticket and oos until you fix it . org. According to my switched/metered pdu, that one rig is pulling 3. There is also the Junk Rig association with a discussion forum on the internet. But before the project was finished, we went our separate ways. Any issues with signup please use Contact Us button at bottom of any page. Use it's filters to list what your shopping for to compare major brands and then read the reviews. Costs about $60 on the Amazons and covers 10 through 12 meters channelized by the usual 40 channel segments A through J and allows 0 frequency offsets along with the normal 5 by a simple pressing of RFG and holding it in for 3 seconds. doclees. Chinese Junk lug rig. Household Junk For Sale. If you plan to travel long distances or need to carry a lot of stuff (food, clothes, family, toys), a rig with a higher OCCC is more desirable. Also seems like the balanced lug would be much easier to rig. Is their such a thing as a balanced lug junk rig? Primal Forums. 357 and a Ross Rig. ANY kind of back inflate beats a normal BC hands down. H- Clew The JRA (Junk Rig Association), formed in 1980, aims to further the development of the junk rig and to create an international community of people interested in such rigs to share experience and ideas. Junk rig - Wikipedia The junk rig, also known as the Chinese lugsail or sampan rig, is a type of sail rig in which rigid members, called battens, span the full width of the sail and Carolina Rig: Everything You Need to Know - Hunting The Carolina Rig vs Texas Rig Debate and setup instructions. I was sold a product I can't use, thanks guys, it does not even work as a boat anchor, it's just junk for me. On March 15, 2016 the Harbor Master posted an "Abandoned Vessel" notice on the Hydroptère which was subsequently sold at auction. GENERAL FORUM. )** CarParts. Had to use a ratchet strap tonight just to rig it so She had junk rig - the only rig I ever want to cruise with. Postscript: The junk-rig photo is of my wife Beth and I at Fiddler's Cove in Coronado. Or, perhaps, both. My mental health requires that I have a multitude of rigs in the boat so that I can switch off quickly and not have to waste time retying baits. Sorry. Page 3- Scale rig or not Chit Chat. Please enter below an address, a ZIP code or a city name and it will show you in seconds all the local auto recyclers that may be of your interest. As a young yacht designer, in the 1960s, I did the first versions of what became a whole range of our sailing dory designs. after we got tired of tangled leaders from the junk in If one truly wants an accurate reading the vanessa rig is probably the most accurate method, short of the three point weight method when measuring the CG of large aircraft. com What we know with modern sailcloth and the lug rig is that a lot of tension . here is an interesting forum on junk rig sailboats. Some research of note: The use of permanently cambered, flipping battens as pioneered by Nils Myklebust. Back to diagram. A list of the rigs I have owned: • Sloop • Ketch • Cutter • Hasler-McLeod Lug (junk) schooner • Tiki wing sail sloop. > > So should I pull the secondary's take any readings and refuse or try > anything I can do to expedite trouble shooting? > If not will you please continue the great support and cover this > tranny as the last one in my other one (1st run Rig 1) if I just box > it up today and get it back to junk-rig. 9 Jan 2015 I would like to know from those who actually are using Single Junk Rigs some specific performance characteristics. How Too Build Your Own Alabama Rigs - Georgia Outdoor News Forum See more Racing Junk Find: A Bad Ass, Street Legal, Chevy Desert Pre-Runner Truck With Decorated Baja History. a mast without shrouds or stays, supported only on the step at the keelson and the partners); however, standing rigging of some kind is not uncommon. That rig needs 7 screws total to build properly according the their own spec, and as displayed on their web site, it shipped with 7 screws. This example is by Joe Millard: Left, is an example with the original external drop leeboards seen in Scapa Flow. It is a Ranger 9, welder, I also have a welder and cutting torch set up in the shop, but it will be nice to have the portability of the truck, I have used it a few times all ready, helping out a neighbor, and in dismantling a old center pivot sprinkler, I am saving the steel out of, and hope to use some of it for some fencing, which is why I got the used Lincoln welder to Begin with, still Can't think of a worse way to do business than trying to sell things to our members. It is unlikely that you will find a Pearson owner here that has converted his boat to a junk rig and since you are in the early stages of the conversion perhaps it would be best to revisit the issue at a latter date when pictures of the area to be restore could be provided. Really it is a rig for lazy cruisers, which is the other big reason I find it attractive. I'm completely new at this. Once upon a time this could run Third Life on Ultra! My designs are based on some images I found while googling PVC racing rig, but I wanted to make sure my rig had a very small footprint. I apologise for the deliberately misleading title. com Thanks a million in advance - really appreciate the time/effort u will take to upload the file. I complimented him on his approach in this vid, and he told me he'd not watched it, 'cos he was not in a good mood that day and thought he'd probably not made a good impression of himself. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR JUNK YACHT BOLEH history she is a unique and iconic vessel and, with her junk rig, excites interest wherever she goes! If yo have managed to find a junk rigged wooden sailing boat but it has an engine , consider Building a Junk Junk rigs are particularly suitable for smaller boats and in recent years There is an organisation and a forum for these junk lovers. I mean yeah you will save some money, but the RX Vega 64 is a good bit slower than the 1080ti (its about equivalent to the 1080), you'll be getting a junk quality PSU which is not good for the RX Vega 64 as it is very power hungry. First off I'd like to say that this is a great forum with tons of information which helped me decide which route to go with my sfa swap. Loving the XiTone's in stereo. is in the specs colum in new radios they have transmit and recieve. I've long been a junk rig fan. Because of the large number of battens the sail is divided in many sections which can be individually controlled. org/general_forum/1453485 requesting video footage of members boats. I've seen eagle claw rod holders for 5$ bucks and it would work with conduit or some kind or rigid piece of metal. 3479 user(s) visited this forum in the past 24 hours The most users ever online at once was 70 member(s) and 304 guest(s) at 07:08 PM Nov 2, 2014 Forum Information 3479 user(s) visited this forum in the past 24 hours The most users ever online at once was 70 member(s) and 304 guest(s) at 07:08 PM Nov 2, 2014 Forum Information General Bass Fishing Forum. After to have sailed on board several junk riged monohulls I was convinced it would be the best rig for our next cruising catamaran : very easy to handle even alone, no shrouds, no jib with winches. are traxxas cars junk; , select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. We would drop the halyard so the tip of the boom was an inch above the The Big Rig Resort Radio Shop - 6741 W Latham St, Phoenix, Arizona 85043 - Rated 4. The junk rig benefits from all the Western Balanced Lug advantages and a few of its own. Welcome to the forum. I am glad I read that this type of rig needs lots of down-haul tension. Choices My entry for the Mechahub "junk mecha" contest. Tammy Norie has her original flat Hasler-McLeod rig from 1983, and so this was a rare opportunity to compare rigs on two boats of the same hull. Thanks for alterations to War Rig and Legendary Tanks. I have tagged on to this forum string because I can't work out how to start a new posting. Here are a few pictures of the rig in action, but not with much wind. or join the Junk Rig Association (JRA), you can do this through the internet, then you can access their extensive library for free (good website advice forum too!) The group has done quite a bit of work on tweeking/improving junk rig and has quite a bit of information. A lot of information on Kingfisher yachts with and withot junk rig. If I use my OneSpot with my 5150, it's dead silent. Home > Forum > General Boards > Gear Equipment Sails > junk rig on smaller tiki. Assuming that you buy all new materials, it is possible to have a junk rig with nearly 900 square feet of sail on it for a fair bit less than $10,000 AUD. Question #1 - What is a bulletproof Ford? Question #2 for folks traveling down to Baja - I've taken my Vudoo V-22 out 3 times now to shoot targets in the desert. com Trucking Forum | #1 CDL Truck Well, I can tell you in my 7 card 1070ti rig, a 1000w PSU is just fine. He gives us his insight into what to expect when you make your off-road vehicle your pavement pounder on the city streets! The Art of the Overland Rig Daily Driver Welcome to the PiMP OS and Miner. The junk rig shares many of the virtues of the gaff rig. It would give you something that is already well designed by one of the planet's best designers and it already sports a single masted junk rig. TruckersReport. like the junk keyboard Re: Farming rig build Post by JohnDeere318 » Wed Sep 07, 2016 11:31 am GTX 1060 for sure, it almost as good as the GTX 980, yet you are getting it between a GTX 960 and GTX 970's price range. Spider rig (how to make home made) I've seen a few and was wondering if there was anyone out there with their own how to guide. The junk is the preserve of a very particular minority Several lines of research are being pursued by members of the Yahoo! Junkrig Group which appears to be the most popular forum for discussion of the junk rig. Do anyone of you know where I could get a display head and a display torso to have some of my gear on when it's in my room? I'm moving soon to a new When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu Gday All I have finally made some progress with my first cowboy single action rig. Reefing in particular. 357. SoCal Bajas Off Road Forum > SoCal Bajas Forums > Member Build Threads > Skid's Rig - the BFC Suby 'Vert. Junk rig Pahi 42. I absolutely love my Dacor RIG BC. Check out the help videos and strategy guides, and post if you need some help. com. I liked the idea of using a bunch of those Power Miners roll cages to protect delicate joints like the ankles and shoulders, that you would always be banging on stuff in a crowded, disorganized space junkyard. Browse; More. Search. The rig contrasts starkly with the Bermuda rig which is prevalent on Western sail boats. Roof panels and did some tube work, a year later he told me he was going to sell it and have me a good deal, it This radio grabbed me by surprise when I was getting back into CB radio a short while back. ***(each and all castings is of my own design no item(s) is taken from some one else castings. Can't think of a worse way to do business than trying to sell things to our members. Toss it in the primal junk drawer! Moderators: ONTARIO, Rig D, Lovebird. See the buyer’s blog: Teleport Expeditions. You need to have a high-quality card with the lowest latency possible for Guitar Rig to work properly. I know my boats final rigging was done by the dealer. Did I mention that it is really cool. Bought NCcummins rig I did some work. 5 amps of 240v. I thought it was killer but it was really an intro rig. Epic possibilities It is a spectacular beast of sound. let them dry for 6 hrs or so. . then cut strips into chunks trying to leave some skin on each chunk. ask for help in using this site. What headlamp bulbs did you go with? Do you have the dust covers on partially or not at all? Sorry for all the questions but I can't stand the halogen 1/24 scale big rig resin castings \ ph-#707 peterbilt 389 resin hood & grille-$7. And one of the best sites for researching info is Sweetwater. Without hesitation, the junk rig was easily my favorite with the ketch rig coming in a very, very distant second. dittmer * Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. junk rig will continue to have a limited enthusiast audience but it is as outmoded as the square rig by the simple combination of 'new' technologies such as wire rigging, aluminium spars and dacron sails allowing larger and much more efficient sail areas. Rael hopes to combine all the traditional benefits of the junk rig, such as being easily reefed, single-handed, and cheap for the DIY crowd, with the requirements of shunting. Also there is a Yahoo Junk rig forum which does have a lot of information on it,  How to rig a western version of the Chinese Junk Rig the basic lines and controls . Unlike European money which has different shapes and textures, United States money is impossible for blind people to distin You mentioned an interest in the Junk rig. junk rig forum

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